HR Compliance

2019-07-19 11:10:27

Given the ever-changing legal environment, enterprises face great difficulty in tracking the changes of HR related laws and ensuring compliance. Failure to ensure compliance may result in a series of problems from risk management to operating cost. If the HR compliance problems have not been properly resolved, an enterprise will inevitably suffer from such adverse effects as fine, reputation damage, and dramatic rise in the employee turnover rate. Given their different industries, corporate culture, size and corporate structure, enterprises face different compliance risks. Therefore, the sound HR compliance management is of great importance for the sustained development of enterprises.

In this area, we can provide clients with the following services, including but not limited to:

1.             Design the recruitment process to prevent any risk arising in the recruitment process;

2.             Conduct the background check;

3.             Draft the standard labor contract, employee handbook, and internal rules and regulations for newly formed enterprises, and                     review existing labor contracts, employee handbook, and internal rules and regulations, discover loopholes and fix omissions                 and deficiencies;

4.             Remind enterprises of renewing labor contracts with employees or renewing work visas for foreign employees;

5.             Conduct the calculation, declaration and payment of social insurance premiums, house accumulation fund, and individual                       income taxes;

6.             Deal with work-related injuries.