Finance Compliance

2019-07-19 11:10:55

We provide enterprises with internal audit and internal control services, review their systems, rules and procedures concerning accounting, finance and tax affairs and ensure the finance compliance, and make timely prewarning of any risk event, so as to help enterprises control and reduce the risks associated with accounting, finance and tax affairs.

In this area, we can provide clients with the following services, including but not limited to:

1.             Provide enterprises with the templates of accounting and finance rules and systems, including but not limited to accounting rules, revenue and expenditure management rules, fixed assets management rules, and budgeting and budget control rules;

2.             Invoice management, including the identification of the authenticity of invoices and whether the timely certification is done;

3.             Tax filing: Properly file tax returns in time pursuant to applicable tax laws and keep relevant records;

4.             Help enterprises prepare and implement their budget plans;

5.             Help enterprises prepare and implement their procurement rules;

6.             Fixed assets management covering the rules governing the purchase, registration, and stock count of fixed assets and the                       relevant records;

7.             Accounts receivable management;

8.             Accounting files management;

9.             Cost management;

10.         Stock count management