Corporate File & Governance

2019-07-19 11:21:39

We sort out and establish corporate files for enterprises to ensure that in every development stage of an enterprise from its incorporation (if the incorporation of the enterprise is completed with the help of us), all necessary and important legal documents and business process are in compliance with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations and the government departments. We file such documents for the record and keep them properly. In case any issue arises, we will promptly give notices to our corporate clients.

In this area, we can provide clients with the following services, including but not limited to:

1.             Guide and help to establish a company.

2.             Review the enterprise’s existing systems, organizational architecture, personnel, and other matters, discover loopholes and                  fix omissions and deficiencies.

3.             Sort out and keep the enterprise’s important documents, materials and making lists, including the company incorporation                  documents, company registration documents, equity registration documents, register of shareholders, shareholding structure              chart, basic information of key personnel, records of important meetings, and articles of association and amendments thereto.

4.             Provide the custody of the enterprise’s licenses and certificates, and give notices about renewal, annual inspection and other                 relevant matters.

5.             Develop the rules on the use of corporate seals.

6.             Develop systems and rules for workplace and business place safety,